Cameron is one of the few people who will make your heart melt. He is the world's most perfect boyfriends. He is not a go getter. Camerons are usually very shy but once they get into their confort zone, you will have the time of your lives. If you meet a Cameron never let him go. He usually has dark brown eyes that will draw any girl in. His smile makes your heart melt and he is extremely romantic and true to his girlfriend. If you meet a Cameron NEVER let him go. He is the one who will be with you through thick and thin, and he really does care. He really can never hold a grudge. Best guy to be romantically invovled with if you scramble the letters in the name Cameron it spells, Romance.
I am so happy to be dating Cameron
God, I wish I had a Cameron
Cameron is Perfect
I love Cameron
by I Love Cameron September 15, 2013
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Skates. Plays Guitar. Loves Blue. King of a mad-as country called Cameroon. Puts other people before himself. An amazing guy. One of the best anyone could know. It is recommended you should meet him but then you might start liking him as much as other people do.
Cameron: he who almost makes it rain
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Cameron is one of the best people out there. Hes funny, extremely smart, and witty. He has a sensitive side and loves animals. He plays the drums and is in love with music. He would not hurt a fly (unless someone is mean to one of his friends watch out). He doesn't have a lot of money so for birthday presents he writes you songs and poems. He is a sweetheart and even if he gives you a hard time, hes only joking around. He also needs to breakup with his girlfriend. She treats him horribly but he still cares about her. But all in all, Cameron is great. Love that guy.
Who wrote you this amazing poem? Cameron of course!
by Elly Mae=] August 27, 2011
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The most amazing guy ever! Super cute, super sweet! If you ever meet a Cameron, somehow he`ll be put into your life. He loves one with his whole heart, it hurts him when disappointment comes into his arms, he is really "fragile". He is cute with blonds, blonds tend to like him. Many like him, for he is the guy of any girls dreams. When he hurts, it hurts others as well because he is the one to make others smile, things will get better, and he`ll meet someone new, someone that likes him, and not someone better. Things happen though, so if you know a Cameron, get a picture, they last forever... He`ll be back though, one day <3
Cameron is so cute!
I wish I had a Cameron as a friend/boyfriend<3
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The sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is good at sports, especially baseball and football. He is fairly tall and skinny. He's not very strong but can get what he needs done. He has amazing blue eyes that you could stare into all the time. Once you fall in love with him you'll never go for someone else. He is very loyal and honest. He will never leave the person he loves and will love you for who you are. He is funny and sometimes a little stupid. He likes to make you smile and blush. He acts a lot younger than his age but can be serious if he needs to be. He can sometimes be clingy but he'll get better. You simply cannot hate him.
Girl 1:"Is she going out with Cameron?"
Girl 2:"Yeah"
Girl 1:"I'm soo jealous, I wish he was mine!"
Girl 2:"Me too"
by I Love Your Mother January 29, 2015
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1.the guy that you love and the guy who could give a chick the best sex in the world.

2.loves some hot, sexy chick named becca and loves her

3.strong, hot,sexy, and a huge dick

4. is friends with the stoners, and billy
by you will never kno./././/. November 26, 2009
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A fun, lovable girl that can make the most depressing day the happiest day. She is absolutely gorgeous and HILARIOUS. And she is a boss ass bitch and will make heads turn because gurllll she got bootayyyy. did i mention she was gorgeous?!
Heads turned when Cameron walked down the street because guys wanted that booty.
by sparkle_freak01 November 01, 2014
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