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Cameron is a very very silly person. He likes talking and likes inappropriate jokes. He also likes to prank people. He is also very smart in his math. He is the smartest and funniest person. People would laugh at this really funny Cameron.
Cameron: Why do I don't wear clothes?
Emma:Cameron's jokes are very hilarious

Samantha:Yes he's such funny and acts like a Cameron
Colin:Yeah, his jokes are the best. I'm glad he's my friend.
by Brothebump August 24, 2020

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Jost is a great and loving guy. He is a Dutch guy and likes action movies.His name is not that popular so mostly girls can't find a boy with the name Jost. Jost is a guy that likes sports and maybe even have abs. He really likes to hang out with his girlfriend and some of his best friends. A man named Jost might change your world.
Your friend: Hey look, Jost is so good at playing sports!
You: Yes he is so pro and I love how good he is.
Your friend: I wish that Jost guy will be my boyfriend!
You: Yes he is so sweet,I love him.
by Brothebump June 09, 2020

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