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An obsessed Jonas Brothers fan who has a binder full of magazine articles and pictures of them.
"What's that?"
"My binder of Jonas wonders."
"You are such a camaya."
by pootskee March 08, 2008
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This is the name given to a beautiful black girl. She is not a great speller, but she is SO sweet, kind, funny. She gives LOTS of hugs, she is a hugger. She has a dog named Ghost, she has several siblings, (I cant even remember them xD) She has lying issues on the other hand but, that is not important.. She is always willing to stand up for me. There is so many things i could also name about her, but I am GREATLY lucky to have her as a best friend!
Camaya is my best friend!
by Screaming Pancakes.. January 20, 2018
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