8 definitions by sk_ype

used to address something to someone. commonly mistaken with the word you're
by sk_ype February 11, 2020
person 1: whats obamas last name?
person 2: care
person 1: like obamacare?
person 2: yes
by sk_ype February 11, 2020
a money leech and abomination to man. also called kids, kiddos (more sophisticated versions of children), or demons. no one can control them, as they came straight from the depths of hell.
person 1: yo look at those children
person 2: yeah they look like they're having a satanic ritual
by sk_ype February 11, 2020
a schools defense of students slacking off. usually schools will block any inappropriate website or any website for games, but they still haven't found tyrones unblocked games or the useless web.
student 1: aw man, coolmathgames is a blocked website now!
student 2: just go on tyrones unblocked games. they have papas pizzaria.
by sk_ype February 11, 2020
the word "you're" is basically you are but combined as one word. commonly confused with the word your, which is used when addressing something to someone.
by sk_ype February 11, 2020