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1) A city in Washington that most people have never heard of.

2) A place out in the middle of nowhere.

3) Very white city.
1) "I'm from Camas."
"What country is that?"
"Um, it's a city..."
"Oh, you mean Camas, Spain?"
"No...Camas, Washington."
"Never heard of it before."

2) "I live in the middle of nowhere."
"I live in Camas, WA."
"We pretty much live in the same place then."

3) "It's a city with a ton of white people living in it...I can't remember the name..."
"Are you thinking of Camas, Washington?"
"Yeah, that's it!"
by Fuck Washington July 24, 2009
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Camas was named after a root found local to the area by lewis and clarke. The root is never used or eaten because it tastes awful and leaves people sick. Still don't know why they would choose something like that.

Only the whitest city in all of america. The amount of diversity in the city can be counted on one hand. But because of the lack of diversity it is a very affluent town with a lot of stuck up pricks.

Also the mill is the trademark of the city with the towns highschool name "the papermakers" with "the mean machine" as their mascot.

With the lack of diversity the town makes up for in stink. The one thing that people think of when they hear camas is stink. But most of the locals "can't smell anything".

May you find yourself lost in the city of Camas go to top burger where you will find the best fries this side of the washougal river...
"hey whats that smell?" "Oh its just the Camas mill"
by stuey baby January 06, 2008
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a large carnivorus animal often seen at night whose origins stem from a small island in the Mediterranean
by Eug February 06, 2005
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