First off, let me state that it is CamAro, not CamEro.

The Camaro, first introduced to the American people in 1966, is either seen as the American Muscle Car, or the mullet head driven rust bucket. There are 4 different body styles: the 1st generation, from 1966 to 1969; the 2nd generation, from 1970 to 1982; the 3rd generation, from 1982 to 1992; the 4th generation, from 1992 to 2002. When you say Camaro, most people think of the 3rd generations (1982-1992) which where mainly driven by nearly broke rednecks with mullets. They have given a bad image for all the other Camaros out there. Most people overlook the V6 F-Body just because it's not the powerhouse it's bigger brother is. Yet, a stock 3.8L Camaro can walk all over a stock 3.8L Mustang all day. A stock 3.8 can even hang with, and possibly beat, Mustang GT's. Generally, Mustang owners and ricers talk down on the Camaro, only because they're afraid of it. They shiver when one pulls up beside them at a light and don't dare allow eye contact.

In 2002, GM ceased production of the F-Body. This was due to declining sales of this marvelous car, even though it can romp on all the others out there. However, in 2007 GM announced they will be re-instating the Camaro in 2009. However, it won't be a F-Body.
I have a 1997 3.8L v6 Camaro w/ Magnaflow exhaust and 90K miles on all stock parts. my friend has a BRAND NEW (as in 2007) Mustang 3.8L V6. When we raced, he was 4 cars behind me by the time I hit 90. He claimed I jumped early, so we lined them back up. This time, I let him launch first. As soon as I heard him hit the gas, I floored mine. He still ended up 4 cars behind me.
by RadRacer513 July 26, 2007
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One of the fastest modes of transportation known to mullet-kind. Also driven by poor rednecks who don't know any better and never will. Endless source of arguments about which sucks less: Camaros, Mustangs, or Civics.
Bubba John: Did you see my "new" 89 Camaro?
Billy Bob: Hell yea, that's a sweet ride. Did you break her in yet?
Bubba John: Yep, nailed my sister Billie Rae in the back seat last night.
by Wheater November 11, 2007
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A great car to get fucked in the ass in.

After the drag race, Joe-Bob could be seen in the back of his Camaro with his boyfriend tugging his mullet from behind.
by KerminSR September 03, 2006
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Final stage of a white trash starter kit, after moving into a stylish trailer park and growing the infamous norfolk neckwarmer(also known as a mullet). Many believe this vehicle is best colored in a gray primer, topped off with off road tires and window louvers. Known in the eighties and early nineties to have somewhere near the a whopping 175 horsepower and quarter mile times just under twenty seconds. due to the popularity of these older models production has stopped to help the poor be able to own something rare, aside from vhs copies of dale the movie.
nuttin looke sweeter than my z28 cept maybe my sister.
who the hell needs a pickup truck when ya got off roads on your camaro.
by masterraceinouterspace November 16, 2007
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An iconic American Muscle car put into production for the '67 model year.
Most commonly fouth generation Camaros have the very potent small block 350.
Although Camaros in the late 60's came with engines up to 427 c.i. and some even rocked the richter scale with over 550 HP. STOCK.
Lets see that outta anything that costs less than 8 grand back in 69.
First and fourth generation Camaros are loved by all.
Second generation, people wondered "WTF is Chevy thinking."
Third generation, now that's were people associate the Camaro with rednecks
by Harry McCokner October 12, 2008
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