A small block is an engine block with usually less than 6 litres of displacement. Although there have been exceptions where the displacement has been more than 6 litres and one of them is the ever famous 427 or 7.0 litre engine.
A small block is an engine block. Pretty simple, an engine block is a machined part that holds the pistons and other parts into place. It is basically the frame of the engine. Displacement describes the total air/fuel mixture an engine can draw in during one complete engine cycle.
by Jeff Kingyens October 21, 2006
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The most reliable, longest lasting gasoline engine in existance. Often used in good cars and makes a great conversion for datsuns, also used in camaros and other sports cars and sedans, also can be found in light trucks and some towing vehicles.
Lets go race that civic because I know I will win cause I have a chevy small block.

Yeah she has a small block in her.

by Kassim503 July 23, 2006
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A 305 small block Chevrolet engine having a bore and stroke of 3.734x3.480 introduced in 1976 used in a varity of GM cars. Also used in pickup trucks under the name Vortec 5000.
by Rourke April 14, 2008
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