A mix between casual and formal clothing
I went out with my GF to the movies last night. :D

Oh yeah what did you wear? :)

nothing fancy, i decided to keep it camal ;)
by The Cocter August 10, 2009
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Camal is a male name. It means beautiful and means Boy with a long schlong. The person seem to be very intelligent and sexy.
The Boy is named Camal.
by CAMALITO December 28, 2016
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Camal is a really good looking , rude person who is trash at Fortnite . He is a player who's had many girlfriends in a year . He's an asshole . If you know him , insult him until he stops toying with with other girls' hearts . He . Is . Trash . And an ass
Camal has had over 9,000 girlfriends this year .
by FUBGYA April 29, 2019
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Camal jenkem was invented by Dan and John jr of nextgenwalkthroughs and wikigameguides. It is a drug used mostly in Colorado and the Middle East, it is made with the urine and feces of camals, and left to ferment in a jar. Camal jenkem turns 90% of people into ri-tards, but 10 % of camal jenkem users recieve super powers.
Chad regularly inhales camal jenkem and now hes a ri-tard.
by The_Ladder_Goat October 19, 2010
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What people write when they can't spell "camel toe."
Duh, I fink you crazy biach got a camal toe, deauh, I'm uneducated and can't use a dictionary.
by Dave July 9, 2004
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When a girl is standing still and her vagina is still moving (even if there is no wind)
Jason: does she have a flag in her pants?

Mason: No that's her camal swag
by erobica August 17, 2010
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When a girl's pussy has a wedgie and it looks like a camal toe.
That thong gave the slut a camal toe. It is so tight she should buy a bigger thong.
by Definer July 7, 2004
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