a gamecube game but using it shorten....can be the n64 one as well
1.Dude me and colivita will destroy in super smash tonight!

2.Yo we playin some super smash tonight?
by somekid122131 November 12, 2005
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to engage in the game playing of the super smash with the intent to drink alcoholic beverages while playing said game
Yo man, let's get super smashed tonight!

A: What do you want to do tonight?
B:wanna get super smashed?
A: Hell yeah!
by Snappy Gomez March 27, 2008
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Super Smash Kart: Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart combined
Cole: Yo Michael, you gonna cop that new Super Smash Kart?
Michael: Yeah bruh I heard that you can knock other people’s Kart off the map.
Cole: Damn, you can? Michael bro that’s insane.
Michael: I also heard that you can customize your Kart.
Cole: You can!? That’s it, lets go to GameStop now bruh.
Michael: Aight.
by BlackNipper July 30, 2019
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A game series made by Nintendo that has been consistently popular and has proven that no gamer hates Nintendo.
Guy 1: Dude, why do you still play Nintendo? It's so childish.

Guy 2: Says the guy who insisted on playing Super Smash Bros.

Guy 1:...
by No Yu June 25, 2014
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Microsoft fan: “You should play Halo”
Me: (yelling) “Eat super smash bros, bitch” (proceeds to throw 3ds in Microsoft fans face)
by BluePikmin July 8, 2018
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The Most innovative fighting game that uses a damage percent counter instead of a heath bar has 40 playable characters and packed with unlockable features and game modes.
by Goron June 21, 2005
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