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When a girl hooks up with the man whore of the group she is known to have the snaps

Her name is always accompanied by snaps thereafter
Friend 1: did she hook up with Coleman

Friend 2: yeah she has a mad case of the snaps

by uncircumcised penis October 18, 2013
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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"The Snap" is slang for breaking the balls in a game of pocket billiards (or pool).
I saw the look of consternation on his face when I made the 9 on the snap.
by Giskard July 02, 2004
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The moment when one who wields all stones in the infinity gauntlet snaps their fingers for a huge cause, most famous for thanos in infinity war
Long before the snap we lived happy
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by Mr. Marvel May 14, 2019
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n. Inserting one's middle finger into a woman's anal cavity and one's thumb into the same woman's vaginal cavity, then pressing them together against the walls of the corresponding oriface and snapping one's fingers. This act is usually very painful to the woman. Derivation of The Shocker.
Last night, this bitch asked me to give her the snap. My middle finger still smells like shit, dude.
by asshole March 17, 2005
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