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Originating from the word callipygous, Callipygism is a philosophy that encourages the appreciation of well-formed, beautiful asses. Respect is given to the incredible life-force that a well-formed ass radiates. The people who live by this philosophy are mostly men, many of whom consider it a religion. Callipygianists, are commonly referred to as "Pygians". The Pygians are often considered immature and disrespectful, but are actually very serious about their faith.

As they have no real God, they follow the leadership of their prophet, Jabeebus. An age old philosophy, Callipygism has only recently been named and officially recognized. The scripture is not yet complete, but is referred to as the Calliptoscript.
Tim: What did you put as your religious affiliation?
Chris: Callipygism. I'm an ass-man.

Tim: Praise Clunis!
Chris: Praise Clunis!
by Jabeebus Almighty October 17, 2015
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