Callers is word used by trolls from IP2 network (Or from other places) when a location gets leaked on livestream by the IRL streamer. Once the location gets leaked, the callers start calling up the place that got leaked to get the streamer kicked out or get the place swatted.
Oh uh, the location just got leaked. Better watch out for the CALLERS.
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A person who never picks up the phone or never calls anyone, instead relying on text messages to communicate.
Elijah is such a no-caller, whenever I call him, he doesnt respond until I text him.
by Eialjh October 12, 2010
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A super fisherman with extraordinary talent for catching massive huge big cod
1 "Yep you guessed it! Cod caller struck again with a nice 60 pounder"
2. "What do you mean who? The cod caller is a household name around tin can"
3. "With the cod caller and the fish whisperer you cunts have got fuckin nothing
4. "He's just an environmental rapist that cod caller fella"
6. "You want fish? Call 1800CODCALLER. He'll get you fkn fish"
by gibbalatte April 18, 2017
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Used to indicate annoyance and disapproval of one’s behavior or actions; analogous to “I’m done with you
I’m so tired of these racist tik tok stars with their half-assed apologies. NEXT CALLER!!
by yurrrt April 29, 2020
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When you're such a player that you call the shops around town to let them know you've got bank and to treat your shorty right.
"My man is a shop caller, he makes sure to let everyone know that I'm his girl and that they betta take care of me while I'm spendin his dough."

Playas are gon play
and hatas are gon hate
ballas are gon ball,
shop callas are gon call
by shopcalla4eva April 29, 2009
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an individual in a gang who has a high status. This person "calls the shots", but he dosen't carry it out, hes already done that role, hence his elevated status.
Shot caller: Go kill this dude named tone, you can find him on 34th street, apartment 419.
by drew December 26, 2003
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a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman
I heard about you and your gentleman caller.
by Panic! At the Disco February 27, 2006
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