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Callen can either be a first name or a surname. A Callen is a smart, hardworking man who is very loyal to his current girlfriend/wife and will always make sure she's okay. Callen often has trouble understanding who he is, who his family is, but always knows where his loyalties lie. He sees the glass as half-empty but knows the right time to crack a joke.
Girl: "My boyfriend Callen just got a promotion at his job! I'm really proud of him."
by S.G.M July 24, 2016
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Someone with this name is really gorgeous and incredibly hot usually lighter hair, great body and really into sports. But can get very shy around people of the opposite sex, but when he discovers girls, hel get a bit cocky!
Person 1: Wow look at that guy, hes really hot. Do you think i should go over and ask him out?
Person 2: No way hes a Callen.
Person 1: ???
Person 2: You know, Incredibly sexy but shy.
Person 1: Oh riight! yer i know what you mean. Maybe i can introduce him to some girls and bring him out of his shell.
Person 2: good luck, hel probably go all cocky with the amount of attention from girls so soon.
by Mikaela2009 October 18, 2008
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