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An amazing girl that knows what she wants most of the time. Adventerous, and tottaly amazing. The most amazing and unique person you'll ever meet and she crushes on any range of guys. It depends on her mood. And she's definitely moody at times. Smart, but makes lots of mistakes. Not very sporty, and a total klutz, but is still skinny. She is very outgoing and loud:) Everybody loves her :3
"What kind of person do you like?" "uhhm... a Caidyn, definitely"
by Cadino:) October 20, 2012
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
by sebasty September 04, 2014
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Caidyn is a amazing person that puts others before himself. He is always there for people when they need him the most. And he loves helping but is usually the one never being helped. He likes most people he meets unless they hurt him or someone he is close to. If you find a Caidyn DONT LOSE HIM!
"Dude,Caidyn is so nice to me."
by Dbb swjiwjdnajwjdjwjaj September 30, 2019
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He is an amazing and smart boy who attracts alot of girls. He is athletic, funny and it's hard not to be his friend.
Caidyn is the most wonderful person I know
by Deadly boy October 10, 2019
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Caidyn is a very nice guy , many girls are attracted to him , he usually dated girls named Kenzie , he’s veryyy attracted to her , he’s extremely funny , and will keep you smiling on a daily , he’s contagious , and rlly cutee , and gives the BEST hugs , if you ever meet a caidyn , DONT LOSE HIM.
Caidyn is soo cutee omgg!
by Kenzer August 12, 2019
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know to be a bitch sometimes. loves music and being emo
"hey, did you see caidyn anywhere?"
"yea, he was listining to emo rap in the corner"
by littlebitchman449 August 16, 2020
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The hottest man ever. every girl wants him but none can have him. He is amazing at every xbox game. If you find one dont lose him.
Hi Caidyn
by Deadly boy February 04, 2021
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