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Caidence Is the most bomb ass bitch you will meet. Somebody with the name Caidence comes from any Gender idenity, normally non-binary. Also they can take your date with one joke. There sense of humor usally is sarasict and what they like. Sometimes they feel dumb or stupid and if you know Your Caidence is depressed just go up to them and be like "BOI FOLLOW ME WE BOUT TO FUCK IT UP IN SOME CLUBS LEZ GO HUN." And run to their favorite place.
Person 1: Ay you know Caidence right?
Person 2: Oh yeah their fuckin bomb dude.
by MechTheTech August 22, 2018
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The most beautiful creature to ever walk the planet. She will mezmerize you with her eyes and olive toned skin. If you find a Caidence, play her a song because her name means "rythm of music".
"Oh Caidence! You make me want to sing a song."
by JessicaRocks! September 04, 2014
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a way of spelling the name cadence, but when your parents are mean and give you a fucked up spelling, this is what happens. Caidence is the most naturally beautiful person you will meet, extremely passionate about everything she does and believes in and always puts other needs before her own. she is kind and caring and always finds a way to make others happy. she loves to have a good joke around but deep down is the most intelligent person around. Caidence doesn't always feel like shes just as amazing as everyone else thinks she is, so make sure to always remind your Caidence of how perfect they are!
person- "caidence you look lovely today"
caidence- "no i dont you silly billy"
*everyone else in the room dies bc of this oblivious young lady*
by caidence_is_my_kween November 19, 2018
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Caidence is the realist bitch you could ever meet. She is very smart, Beautiful, And intelligent.She could take your nigga on sight so get ready hoes.
Coco:"omg I wish I was a caidence."
Travis: "She's hot."
by Mrs.Brown_Beauty May 06, 2018
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Caidence is a beautiful girl who can stun everyone who sees her. She can give any boy especially the one that likes her a boner. Shes so talented in every single way 😏 Shes great at giving head you should probably just ask her.
"yo look its caidence"
"shit shes hot af 🥵"
by gaybitchjk May 25, 2019
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