can't afford it
Guy 1: Can you afford a taxi? Guy 2: CAI
by lad6911 March 17, 2014
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Also known as Kun-defined accordingly under Kun* An Asian-Chinese music performer and singer who broke through in the year of 2018 from the reality show Idol Producer. Despite of being a new comer to the entertainment industry, he seems to be having a rather mature and professional way of presenting on stage. His unique and ever-changing stage charisma attracts millions of fans over a short period of time. Not surprisingly his very own follow-up album after the show is much expected by fans.
John Doe: Who is this Cai Xukun dude?
Jane Doe: The top winner of the talent show Idol Producer. Over 40million votes in total just for the finale. Man that's crazy.
by ShellfayeLau December 20, 2018
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Instead of going somewhere for vacation (vay-cay) when you have time off, you stay where you are (stay-cay) and do the local scene.
Friend: "Man, I'm really up Shit Creek without a paddle."
You: "Yeah, I had a stay-cay there this past summer."
by Flowernerd February 25, 2012
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The most hottest woman alive, I love her so much, she’s so talented. Praying that she debuts 🤞
Girls don’t want boys girls want Cai Bing
by haknyeonlover August 09, 2021
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Tega Cay is a city built on a peninsula surrounded by Lake Wylie in South Carolina.

Known for it's beautiful trees, birds, flowers & lake activities such as wakeboarding, skiing, barefooting & fishing.

Tega Cay has a large golf course & many parks.

There is little crime as there is only one way in & one way out. The speed limit does not go over 35 mph & is strictly enforced.

in the national news:

Tega Cay was once the home to famous fallen televangelists Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker.

Tega Cay was also the home of three teens: Timothy Jason Dye, Thomas Byington and Kelli Laine Lewis-

who made national news when they were killed in Fort Mill, South Carolina. A movie was made about their deaths called "Grave Decisions"

Kelli Laine Lewis is known all over the world for saving lives as her story is told in high schools across the nation & in two branches of our military.

Songs have been published for and about Kelli and her story has been on the news several times for the lives she has saved via her angel prints on the internet.
Where is the best place to live in South Carolina?

answer: easy, Tega Cay!
by TEAM_Kelli April 13, 2011
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