One of the sweetest and kindest guys you will meet. He is very loyal and cares for everyone. He is the person who would help someone no matter what circumstance. He is very sweet and charming; Funny too. Cadmus is the guy you would fall for everyday. He is very attractive but His personality is even better
Cadmus is a very smart boi
by LittleSkittle18 April 2, 2019
The car I bought has some serious mechanical issues. It's a real piece of cadmus.
by mikepbgfl June 28, 2009
To make sweet sweet loving to a member of the opposite sex.
She was screaming my name in pure ecstasy as we cadmussed all night long.
by Gaiwan February 20, 2003
Super sexin' hawt loving to the max.
I cadmussed that hot bitch all night!
by MEEEEPAS! April 12, 2003
to make sweet loving to a member of the same sex.
i am a boy and i love to cadmus other young boys like gayone.
by Anonymous February 20, 2003