The "Gay best friend" typically portrayed on sitcoms screaming "OH MY GOD GURL YAAAS". An unbearable cis queen, everything they do or say has to be over-dramatic. A White Gay like a White Feminist, is not exclusively "White" or Homosexual, the only definitive traits are the endless spouting of Tumblr or urban slang and "controversial" propaganda/topics in hopes of getting attention. Most likely a twink, with no conscience of privilege or minority struggles (most likely sexist although they try to act like black women).

I.E: Jeffree Star
"Do you want to invite Taylor?"
"No, he's such a White Gay, he's obnoxious and is gonna make it all about him"
by pepitostheone December 5, 2016
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1) A kid; typically of an unusually wealthy background, of European descent, who despite the resources given at their disposal, tend to waste their parents money and time-and still find ways to coexist amongst the rest of the world.

2) A kid, once again, typically of European descent from a wealthy suburb who lacks cultural understanding on an entirety, thus having a very narrow perspective on the world at large

3) Kids who solely repeat what they see rappers doing on T.V, and get in large groups and claim that they are "cool" or "hard" because they use mild psychoactive substances.

4) Kids who use outdated catch phrases and attempt to pass them off as if they had not gone out of style back in the 70's

5) Kids who claim to be "progressive or new-age hippies," but have 100's of thousands at their disposal which completely contradicts the idea of being a "hippie" in this example i examine that this group of individuals tends on an entirety to lack a sense of identity. They also tend to be ignorant about the identities they claim to have chosen.

6) Literally dress exactly the same, act the same, say the same shit.. someone has got to do something.

7) When you single out on individual from the vast group, they can't defend themselves.. At all.
Kids from Boulder most likely are gay white kids

Man look at all those gay white kids, the funny thing is.. they don't even realize how gay they are and act.

Man, it sure did take me a while to realize I wasn't dealing with any ordinary white kids.. these are gay white kids.
by Hitwhereithurtsman September 27, 2011
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