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When finished having sex and after leaving your load on your sex parnters chest you lay down in your own mess letting it squish between both of your naked bodies.
Hey babe instead of spooning tonight how about we make a cum sandwich.
by fingerin June 09, 2009
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When a monster dick man rapes a pretty little cunt in a hotel/condo on the beach and cums all over here. Once this has occurred the perpetrator proceeds to shove the little cum covered cunt off the balcony (at least 4 stories of higher). During her plummet, the cum becomes increasingly adhesive. The bitch also screams like a burning banshee. The cunt's fall is then broken by the Tiki Bar (or an similar beach bar). From there, she continues her cum covered decent onto the sand. Because of the ridiculously strong adhesive cum sand sticks to her body creating the cum sandwich.
Jamie: Hey man, how was Florida?
Dave: Pretty nuts; you should been there!
Jamie: What did you do?
Dave: I gave this bitch a cum sandwich the first night!
Jamie: Nice, I hope you made her scream like a burning banshee!!!
by Matt Rudd March 19, 2008
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