Cash-Paid-Crying. When one has no other choice but to fork out a considerably amount of cash for something unexpected or when under financial depression.
"This is the last damned thing I needed... $400 dollars for tires? I was going to buy some neat electronic Gadget I don't even need. Instead it's going to be CPC!"
by AudioDamned November 26, 2003
College Prep Composition. A high school class.
Man, I have CPC next hour.
by unknown December 3, 2003
When You've drank enought alchohol that your pee is clear, you've reached the "clear Piss Crew"
Jon: I'm so drunk, finally im a "CPC" member
Mike: whats that?
Jon: CPC baby, "Clear Piss Crew" 4 life.
by calibarista April 11, 2010
Chinese Piece of Crap. Rebranded or no-brand knockoff products from some unknown company in China. Usually includes a halfassed manual in 100% Engrish and a website to match. Almost always recognizable by the total lack of support material and/or customer support.
A: You got a new computer?
B: Yeah! I bought it online and it only cost a hundred dollars!
A: Wow, really? What brand is it?
B: Idunno, it doesn't say...
A: *looks at the device*
A: Dude, that's a total CPC!
by NonaS October 27, 2011
A term that refers to the Communist Party of China that tankies started using as an alternative to the term CCP (Chinese Communist Party) because they think the latter term is somehow racist.
"What's the difference between CPC and CCP? They're just a letter swap apart."
"There isn't much, really. Tankies only know how to accuse others of being racist."
by Azure&Claude June 18, 2022
Craigendoran Players Club
John "Oh fuck its the CPC"
Billy "Oh shit lets get out of here!!"
by SamYerMaw October 21, 2007
Vaca who? Vaca who? Jigga who? Jigga what?
by johny lomany October 23, 2003