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A person who trade goods they have. To get drugs.
Drug Dealer #1

I love those cluckers. Save me so much on the stuff i have.
Dealer #2

Ya, they practically give the stuff away.
by calibarista May 26, 2010
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When a male ejaculates in another person rectum and the excess exits the rectum.
Friend #1 "Dude you you came in her butt?"
Friend #2 "Ya, it was messy. It totally came back out. Kinda looked like Ass Milk"
Friend #1"HAHA, gross"
by calibarista May 26, 2010
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semen, jizz, male jelly.
You sure you want my sick sauce? You'll be sick for 9 months.
by calibarista February 04, 2010
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When You've drank enought alchohol that your pee is clear, you've reached the "clear Piss Crew"
Jon: I'm so drunk, finally im a "CPC" member
Mike: whats that?
Jon: CPC baby, "Clear Piss Crew" 4 life.
by calibarista April 11, 2010
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