Written raps and rhymes. Lyrics.
I'm bustin' funky compostion as smooth as a prism. So check it as I rap to this fly ass rhythm.
by Alomar November 28, 2004
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v. tr. - "in the act of breaking up composite images and putting them together in a clearly understandable manner for a particular purpose."
"i was compositing images in photoshop all day yesterday for this one project -- man is that work ever tedious!"
by the_ultraplanarian March 31, 2004
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A truncheon made from a composite materials or an erection.
Wood is a composite material.
I said to the girl in the bar the other night, have you seen my composite truncheon? She looked at me, and I said cos I've got wood!

I swear that smokin chick was checking out my composite truncheon!
by Svenagain March 6, 2010
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a character that solos fiction & your favorite anime verse negative difficulty
oh no! composite goku just solo-ed fiction with a single breath!!
by SC01 June 20, 2021
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For starters, fallacy means a flawed truth. Fallacy of composition means a flawed assumption of truth.
I read heard it this way...

Think crowded baseball game. You can't see because of the guy in front of you. If you stand up, then you can see. However, the fallacy of composition is that if EVERYBODY stands up, nobody can see the game any clearer than if they were all sitting down.
by Forest for the trees December 26, 2009
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An unexplained part of math that when asked of its existence is answered with another question from my obviously puzzled teacher who has no preference to my curiosity than to strike it down as irrelevant in an extremely question prone subject which i find precisley specified as the term 'very gay'.
Teacher: So, you find the final prime numbers and that gives you the LCD.
Me: But, teacher, sorry to interrupt but if there is prime factorization then is there composite factorization?
Teacher: You tell me.
Me: Thats what i want to know.
Teacher: Dont talk back to the teacher!
Me: But-
Teacher: Detention!
Me: Well that was pretty gay...
by Lucracy March 21, 2011
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the worst goddang class you will ever take where syntax is freaking everywhere and yet you still dont understand what it means. it tortures the mind and ruptures your soul by its never ending annotations on pointless readings that no one ever actually cares about.
Hey whatd you do in ap language and composition today?

We learned about the what alliteration, hyperbole, simile, metaphor, syntax, syllogism, and enthymeme were and how they effectively pertain to real life situations.
by MercAntile November 8, 2013
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