Javy is usually the most legit one in a group although he is legit he is not a deuchebag. Usually Javys always get the girls. A Javy is also usually Spanish or Mexican.
Random girl: Hey, is javy into me.

Random Friend: Hell yeah u should ask him out.
by Da Man Above November 19, 2010
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A young boy around the ages of 13 and 14, who often likes many girls, but only truly loves one of them. A Javy is usually a sweet, kind boy, but often says things that are unecessary.
Javy: I hope you die
Banana: Why would you say that you idiot!?!?
Javy: Cookie
Banana: Did you just call me cookie?
Javy: No, I want a damn cookie retard!
Banana: Aww! How sweet
Javy: sugar
Javy: muffin
Banana: mhm...sure
Javy: rawr
by Hannah Smythe January 02, 2007
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another word. For ultra gay or fagget. Or bitch. Example. Allen stop being a navy
Your javyn it allen .stop being such a navy
by Gay fagget. Bitch April 29, 2008
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A cool boy that has great hair, many friends, and is a great athlete. Usually someone that you would find in mexico or a latin country. He is caring and loving and loves frenchfries.
by Reddickforthewin March 04, 2016
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