A BetterTTV emote made by user underflowR on 3/24/2018, this emote is a simple derivative of Poggers by putting the Poggers emote on a cog, with the name being a portmanteau of the two.

Because of its similarity to Poggers, it's often used in a similar fashion to Poggers (i.e. excitement), though with an emphasis on mechanics.
*something insane happens on stream*
by GeSix November 07, 2020
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An unassuming word at first, this collection of verbs and consonants can evoke great power. Used during ritual chants in the Sinai peninsula, Coggers is used to summon great natural powers that are beyond our comprehension.
Alex: “My phone can only handle so much”

Me: Coggers
by Sad-lad-hours November 27, 2020
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When one gets there cock stuck in a grandfather clock
damn Dan couldn’t come to b-dubs last night since he was in a cogger
by Joe’sCrabShack June 01, 2021
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This is a epithet for people who do things that make you think they may be cognitively impaired, since it has become politically incorrect to call someone "retarded."
Man #1: What are you doing?
Man #2: I am spray-painting a swastika on this church.
Man #1: That is absurd, don't be such a cogger.
by dslim2 July 02, 2013
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a coogger is a person that likes to copy and paste all his work and it is a person that will never learn anything and if they cant copy and paste then they will be an ass and ask people for the answer
student 1: wow look at harry he is copying all his work
student 2: thats becuse he is a cogger, a copying and pasting cunt
coggers are copy and pasting people
by spidermanfan March 10, 2021
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A really cool emote inspired by the Griding Gear Games Logo. It is used to describe how great and fun Path of Exile is
Wow Poe is so COGGERS
by soapys_poe_fan August 31, 2021
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