2 definitions by Maybe scarz

If you ever meet a person called mim. U might catch an STD by just looking at them. Mim is the type of girl to watch porn everyday. she does not know that there is a world outside of her room.
Mim is a porn addict that bullies you for existing
by Maybe scarz February 7, 2022
CMG, is the abbreviation of Cum Milkers Gang.
If someone tells you that you're in. You are. No way out, no escaping. If you are a part of the CMG you are now homosexual and u are a racist. You also watch porn 24/7 and sit in your room eating chips.
Yo this dude is in CMG, i wanna be just like him.
Jerome: Yo tyrone where the chicken at cuh
Tyrone: CMG hit a lick on us bruh its gone
Jerome: kumalala kumalala kumalala savesta
by Maybe scarz May 28, 2022