the best and most prettiest small city in Europe
pretty Ostrava
by Hanan111111111 October 9, 2008
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An industrial city in the north-east of the Czech republic.

Biggest producer of black coal in the country.

Used to have the nickname "steel heart" of the country.
It has the largest town hall in the whole country - Nová radnice (the new town hall).
It is famous for Stodolní street, which is flooded with Polaks all the time, Colours Of Ostrava , the famous music festival and FC Baník Ostrava - the not so succesful soccer team with a MASSIVE fanbase. Basically if you're Ostravak and not a Chachar (Baník's fan)...what's wrong with you?
Overall Ostrava is quite beautiful, it does have it's flaws but it's my home and I can't imagine living somewhere else in the Czech republic than here.
A: "I heard y'all are suffocating because of the smog in Ostrava, that must be horrible!"
B: "Steel city, steel lungs, I'm just used to it."
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