Most well known song by the heavy metal band Pantera, as well as being their first single. This song showcases Dimebag Darrel's style of guitar playing, and was the band's first release since they left behind their "glam metal" image of the mid to late 80's, and subsequently formed the sub genre of heavy metal that came to be known as groove metal
Cowboys from Hell is arguably Pantera's finest song, a real headbanger!
by Earthsnake March 16, 2009
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Largely considered to be the hardest song on the original Guitar Hero.
Hey, I finally beat Cowboys from Hell today!
by HeavyD2 September 22, 2008
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lytchett matravers term referring to something that happened along time ago. Comes from the pantera album 'cowboys from hell' which is old skool'. From the beneath the remains days (sepultura) can also be used
that t shirt is so old. its from the cowboys from hell days
by will March 8, 2004
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Descriptive of a timeframe, either 24 hours in length or longer, in whence
cattleherding types from Hades shall roam the planet, destroying the earth
with their redneck-like ways. (Kinda like when George W. Bush came into office)
Ye, verily-verily I sayeth unto thee, in the 12th hour of the millenium, so shall the cowboys from hell days begin to commence, and the world will greatly
by Dann August 12, 2004
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