Short for Central European Time.

It's +1 (London is 0), so it's 1 hour later in all of Europe, eccept for the UK where there's no CET.

It's 2 P.m. CET, so it's 1 P.m. in the UK.
by Jafje August 11, 2007
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short for Lorcet. a pain pill consisting of 10 mg of hydrocodone and 650 mg of acetaminophen.
I'm fiending for some cets.
by Bones Davis March 22, 2010
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Used for Percocets or Lorcets.
I'm gettin' 30 cets tomorrow, you want to buy some?
by c villeez November 29, 2007
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cat but with an E, it is superior than cat with an A due to it's derpiness and overall appeal to today's strange sense of humor
the cet is cute
by i lost NNN on the 1st November 04, 2021
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1. A place where embittered and unhelpful wastes of time work, telling you how to get a shitty job and deny you the opportunity to work where you want. This ignores the fact that they were on a course there and had no chance of getting a job themselves, so decided to work there and generally take out their frustrations on the poor sods stuck there.

2. Home of most New Deal courses, unemployable chavs and bigots, and an overhanging sense of despair.
"For the next six months you will be placed at the nearest CETS Centre and patronised until you can't be fucked to play along, while surrounded by ignorance on a scale not seen since the last BNP conference." (paraphrased, of course)
by OD Smith March 15, 2005
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a place where particularly stupid chavs and bigots go to express their equaly stupid view. see new deal
oh no they've sent me to cets.
by johny cum lately March 09, 2005
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