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Close Eye Syndrome:
This strange physiologic feature/disorder, was first diagnosed in 1997 in York, Pennsylvania, by a college student who was not from the region. CES is increasingly common in the Pennsylvania/Maryland area, however, it can appear anywhere else where people do not have enough ocular separation. The symptoms include two very proximate eyes that appear to grow closer together over time. The unlucky carrier of CES does not know they have it, and while not in any way cross-eyed, they look like a fool. It is possibly more prominent in women than men.
Ryan: Dude, did you hear, Melissa got a nose job?
Steven: Why, she has CES, she should've gotten her eyes separated.
Ryan: CES?
Steven: You know, Close Eye Syndrome. She looks like a damn cyclops
by Montay April 24, 2008
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Crusty Eyebrow Syndrome- a very common oil gland dysfunction that causes white, dry, itchy flakes form around the eyebrows. Treatable by a prescription ointment called Cetophil. Also known as facial hair dandruff.
White flakes falling from eyebrows. I think I have C.E.S.
by Dr. Jordan March 05, 2008
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