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A "Confused Black Man", a man who black woman adore, but has love for the white women.
Girl 1: Yesterday i done seen this sexyy ass nicca, but he was with a white girl.
Girl 2: Oh shit,what a damn shame.
Girl 1: Damn, CBM
by MrsCaarterr June 28, 2009
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I'm loving all these cbms, but when will the adaptation of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur get made?
by skincell June 12, 2017
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can't be moobed

an expression of how one doesn't want to do something taking out the agressions on moobs

a backlash to the cba revolution
person 1 : cbm to got out tonight

person 2: na me neither beb
by stevephilip November 14, 2009
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Center Body Mass. the area of the body above the belt line and below the collar bone. the preferred target area of police forces and army personnel alike. head-shots are unrealistic in small arms combat. armies and law enforcement agencies worldwide are trained to aim for this region as it is the biggest section of the body and houses plenty of vital organs.
when aiming for the CBM you have a better chance of disabling your target permanently as the bullets will likely hit vital organs (ie. heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spine)
by pip boy 3000 April 24, 2010
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