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East Midlands slang term for a very brief wash, usually by either a small child that hates washing: a man just home from work that goes straight out to the pub, having had a very quick 'hands and face' wash or when a mother wipes chocolate off her childs face using a bit of spit and a hankerchief,

in short a very quick but effective face wash, named in honour of when a cat licks the side of its paw to clean its face with.
I'll just nip home quick, drop the car off, have a shit in a piss time and a cat lick, get changed then I'll meed you in the Lamb and Flag for some serious beer caning.
by mr Cunninlinguist October 26, 2012
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A tuft of hair on a woman that is visible and should have been shaved/removed such as armpit hair or pubic hair hanging out of a bikini OR hairy legs that are long overdue for a shaving
Her Cat Lick makes her look like she is smuggling sasquach!" or "Even Bic razors couldn't cut all that much Cat LIck!
by Empirical008 July 15, 2011
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catholic -who REALLY gives a shit about the 'h' and the third syllable? -cat lick also provides a nice, abstract 'huh?' flair!!
my new squeeze was cat lick, and wouldn't let me 'bag' my crank!!

that jane smacked of cat lick, but was more than willing to 'get wild'!!

those cat lick girls are so repressed, that when cut loose; they might "tear you up"
by michael foolsley April 27, 2011
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Me: Hey Retard what religion are you?
Retard: I'm catlick
Me: Catlick? Whats that?
Retard: Really? You don't know what catlick is?
by Unloader01 September 24, 2015
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