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An RCA connector is a plug and a jack designed for use with coaxial cable for frequencies ranging from the very lowest up to several megahertz. An RCA connector is sometimes known as a phono plug and jack.
The male RCA plug consists of a central pin measuring approximately two millimeters (mm) in diameter, and an outer shell whose inside diameter is approximately six mm. The plug shell is slotted rather than threaded, to facilitate quick insertion to, and removal from, the female jack or receptacle. Contact is maintained by physical pressure between the slotted shell of the plug and the smooth cylindrical barrel of the jack. The plug shell is connected to the outer conductor, or shield, of the coaxial cable, normally at electrical ground. The center pin of the plug is connected to the cable center conductor, which carries the signal. In the jack, the barrel is grounded and the center hole is plated inside to conduct the signal.

now they make special 1/8" connectors for 4 channel. 7.1 surround russo is talking about can only be attained through spreading the left and right channels equally and combining them for the center and sub which is done through what is called "prologic" (for those of you who don't know everything already) I say the FM frequency transmitter cause its the easiest solution. If you have a head unit with optical in ... then your golden. optical connections are awesome! I hooked up the opticals from the DVD to the surround sound and it's amazing.
by x August 11, 2004
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have you installed the VIA 4-in-1 ? That fixed my issue on my old Tyan board. The VIA southbridge doesn't play nice with ATI for some reason.
Ah ha. its a power issue. if you haven't found it yet, The ATI9800 and 9700 chipset disable 4x agp when they see the a VIA southbridge. This causes the default to be 8x which draws additional power through agp slot. the 4x can't handle it so you see nothing, no post. Try setting the Bios to 2x AGP and see if you can reseat the ATI and run it. from there you should be able to patch the ATI driver and VIA 4-in-1
I asked for computer help on mongrel but I got carl'd instead
by mongrel August 12, 2004
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To re-post information/audio/clips found on the social web without citing the person(s) that originally sourced the material.

Particularly refers to information on Facebook, forums, and other social media outlets on the net. Reposting something instead of "Sharing" etc.
"Todd thinks he is so smart and witty on his Facebook feed.... That fool Carl'd the whole front page of Reddit yesterday."

"Did you see that Tosh.0 last night? He Carl'd half the episode from Reddit."
by da gawd February 27, 2012
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