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The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a highly subversive and controversial organization whose main goal is to force Islam's religion and culture on the United States. CAIR'S major agenda includes:

1: Strongarming corporations into islamicizing their workplaces to conform to muslim culture.

2: Actively resists any legitimate profiling of muslim air travelers with SSSS secondary security screening by encouraging lawsuits against airlines that do it.
TSA screener: Excuse me sir, you have been selected for a SSSS screening. Please follow me over to those chairs.

Passenger: You are doing this because I'm from the middle east! I'm going to report you and the airline to CAIR!

by Piranha June 09, 2006
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The Council on American-Islamic Relations. An organization that seeks to improve the image of Islam in America by viciously suing people ACLU-style, constantly whining about islamophobia/racism, and funding overseas terrorism.
"CAIR - defending terrorists, funding Hamas, and eating newborn babies since 1994."
by F431338 January 29, 2009
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