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Its a play on, and a less derogatory delivery, of the word cunt.
My selfish ass ex GF was a complete fucking C-Unit... what a waste of a year.
by zerocool6687 January 21, 2013
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Used in describing a person as a half idiot and half cunt
Ralph thinks he is so great, but he is such a fuckin' cunit.
by Squeezeplay September 01, 2008
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When one of your friends whom has a name starting with the letter "C" is being a real C*NT.
Jase: Craig was being so mean to Shanyney at that party the other night. He had nothing nice to say.

Jess: Yeah, he's a HUGE C-Unit.
by TheAngrySimba June 10, 2010
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Alternative to calling someone a cunt.
You stupid fucking C-Unit.

I wanna fuck you up your C-Unit

Man, she has one tasty C-Unit

Her C-Unit needs a good scrub
by Joniquai January 05, 2004
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A swear word originating in South Yorkshire area, more specifically the Gleadless area, commonly heard in the public houses in that area.

Used as a subtitution for cuntwith a yorkshire slant and extra syllable for good effect. Mainly used by older, broader yorkshiremen but occasionally used by the younger generation.
No I don't mind you being a nosey cunit!!
by Andy c123 April 29, 2010
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An average Quake 3/Rocket Arena 3 clan who, due mainly to the time limitations that come with age and responsibility, are no longer the l33t players they may have once been. They play for the love of the game, and those brief moments whereby their former glory may be recaptured, even if only very briefly.

We play by our slogan "Putting the fun back in Gaming", since we offset our lack of eliteness by spouting witty remarks (whilst waiting to respawn).

We have a loose affiliation with the C-UNiT basketball team, since we were both created at about the same time in the same city, and with the same capitalisation, but, remarkably, completely independently.

C-UNiT, whilst being the obvious 'hiding in plain sight' of the C word, is also supposed to signify, in self-effacing style, that we are The B Grades B Grade, ie C Grade, and hence C-UNiT....
"C-UNiT? that bunch of randoms couldn't hit a barn if they were inside it"
by DeKrow March 21, 2007
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