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1) N: One with a penis so small, that even one's own mother and personal docter must refrain from laughing if they ever see.

2) V: To prematurely ejaculate at first sight of any moderately attractive woman in the area. This does not ever involve any sort of embarasment as nobody looks in one's general direction anyway.
3) Adj: To have several qualities of a tiny, funny looking penis. Or to be easy to laugh at due to a tiny penis.
1) N: That guy is such a C-Towne. I feel so bad for that C-Towne.
2) V: Good thing nobody is looking, because I just C-Towned
3) Adj: Wow, stop acting so C-Towne.
by pbop October 26, 2010
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c-towne is the smallest big city in the world. Everyone who grew up there knows everyone else, and you can never really leave.
by aislingeach December 20, 2006
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