C-TYPE is a beatmap set in the rythm game osu!, which is widely considered to be the best and most influential map in the game due to the difficulty Bonsai's BasS-TYPE, a map with innovative high CS low BPM wide angle jumps and the amazing gimmick of the y-coordinate of the notes being determined by the pitch of the notes. The player badeu was able to get the pp record on the map not because it is a broken map in terms of pp but because the greatness of the map motivated him to get his DTHRFL FC.
Did you see badeu's DTHRFL FC on C-TYPE? It's so cool to see such a cool score on such a great map!
by c-type fan August 14, 2021
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A c-type male is the other major category of males outside alpha and beta males. A c-type male wishes to be an alpha and over-compensates. Generally, a c-type male will behave like an alpha around women, but will have no balls to stand up to an alpha.
"Yeah so Lyn broke up with her boyfriend because he hit her. I tried warning her he was a c-type male!"
by TheAntiFeminazi February 3, 2017
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Type B is an uncommon type of Mason C's that are typically polar opposites to the regular ones. They may be short, done dirty by their barber, be uncultured, eat vile meals, be a pesky insect or even be the worst lawyer that can represent in court. Be careful, Type B Mason Cs can act like regular Mason Cs and try to convince you that their normal so you can join their alliance. Avoid being tricked at all times by look for signs like strange behavior, devious activities, NPC movements and language, Eating sewer remains and being easily deceived.
Watch out, that may be a Mason C - Type B
Mason C - Type B are like ogres
Do not be fooled by the Mason C - Type B
by Doctor Poob February 22, 2023
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A Type C personality is characterized by an attention to detail and a desire to promote the most logical, efficacious way to achieve a goal with relatively less risk taking and more compromise than a Type A personality.

Often imagined as emotionally repressed and at the extreme, hypochondriacal, they can make dependable professionals in technical roles without the tendency to be distracted by passions as one might imagine with a type B personality.

The main negative with having one as a friend is they are predictable, routine prone and not spontaneous.
Daria Morgandorfer can be seen as a prime example of a Type C personality.
by ApricotFields July 29, 2019
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That fuking dumbasses, whomst thinking, that they are fuckin' specials snowflakes, and insulting other shippers in Voltron Fandom.

They are psychologicaly unstable, u need to stay away from them.
-O my god, they're yell again about Klance again, and tell me, that I should die with my ship
- I know, they are such a Klancers (C<l>ancers type)
by Cat?I'mAKittyCat November 25, 2018
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