C-Rex is a shorter term for Cunt-a-sorus. This would be a term that would be able to be used on social media without using the word "Cunt".
That girl on TV was such a C-Rex for dumping her boyfriend for his buddy.
by chom March 3, 2017
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N:/Basically your neighborhoods tougher Spider-Man that doesn’t rely on lines and silly string. Like a T-Rex 🦖, but extra Cool and has a name starting with C.

V:/ to treat just right and devour in the best way imaginable.

See Devil dick
Hot ass girl 1:“Dannnnnng that guy is helping that old lady across the street AND she’s asking to give him her granddaughters number......what the heck?”
Hot ass girl 2: “if that’s not the C-Rex iest man I’ve seen lately.”
Hot ass girl 3: “he can C Rex my holes like a rexing ball 🏗 “
by CoREXion26 July 5, 2019
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Anyone that is:
Hey, Are you With C-rex?
by Jnybgood October 7, 2006
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A sister who has short arm like a t-Rex and her name starts with a c.
Hey why don’t you call sis-c-Rex on the phone today
by Big.cornhole69 March 13, 2021
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