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fancy footwork while rollerskating/rollerblading, to fast paced/uptempo music. Can include spins, slides, hops/jumps, and other body movements to the music.
"Hey Joe, that was some good rexing!"
"That last song was lousy for rexing- no beat; but this one's a great song to rex to!"
by King Edward13 March 13, 2006
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the act of holding your arms with limp wrists in front of your body akin to a T-REX.
Usually associated with being gay ( limp wristed ) or prissy.
"Hey Joe stop rexing .... you look like a flamin poofta standing there like that"
by Anna Khee May 18, 2005
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Acting like a T-rex in unusual or public places in order to create a Facebook-worthy photo. Invented on June 23, 2011 in South Florida.
Angeli: Dude, did you see the pics of me rexing on the edge of that building?
Victoria: Yeah, they were way cooler than the ones of me planking.
Lindsay: Rexing > planking.
by Tyrannosaurus Rex June 24, 2011
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To rape someone and then midway she gets into it and it turns in to sex
I was rexing this girl last in the alleyway and now she wont stop calling me for more.
by Dawsonnk July 23, 2011
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