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Coke whore. "c" stands for Coke. "dub" stands for the first syllable of the letter "W". referring to a girl who whores herself out for cocaine.
dang...that c-dub was expensive! but i talked the price down!
by charlotte rose July 20, 2005
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C Dub is a notorious gangsta rapper. He is known down in the dirty county called Craighead for spitting hot fire flows. He is the number one supplier/dealer/ distributor of anything and everything you could ever want. He spends his free time gettin damp and spittin mad rhymes. He WILL sink yo battleship.
*Yo C Dub hook me up with a dime. (C Dub responds) You know I dont deal less than a QP. Nigga I be stackin that bread.
*C Dub lets go make some new flows, nigga you cant flow.
*C Dub why did you put Pablo Escabar out of business?
*Hey Masta Chief lets get that Cocoa Pebbles in Yo Bowl CD started. Damn straight C Dub.
*Hey lets get some marijuana, who should we call J Rae? Call that thug C Dub. Wait, he is out of town, call his best friend D-Won. Yeah, he has a mess load of weed.
by J Rae October 04, 2006
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Nickname of endearment for a friend inflicted with a curved penis. Coined by Erik and Michael and widespread throughout the East Lansing community.
Jordan: Hey guys, have you seen my sweet scar? (playing the penis showing game from the movie "Waiting")

Michael: HAH! You've got a curved cock!

Erik: Yeah, double c!

Michael: Haha yeah, C-Dubs!
by jtizzle94 December 20, 2009
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Generic term used for greetings, naming, acknowledgements, farewells, gaps in centences and to break silences.
Person one: C DUBS!
Person two: Oh hey man hows it going?
Person one: Oh pretty good man.
Person two: c dubs
Person one: well im gonna head off
person two: kk C DUBS
by 12INMAFIA January 24, 2011
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A really cool kid named sean. Monkey-Man. Rumple Dubskin. Dumpy.
Yeah C Dubs!! C Dubs C Dubs C Dubs!!
by Fagaloo March 30, 2005
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To describe the visiual confirmation of seeing a twenty dollar bag of marijuana.

Generally used as a proposition to buy or recieve marijuana.
Stems from the Portland region of Oregon.
"Yo man you cdub?"
"Yo anyone cdubs around here?"
by mason manning February 22, 2005
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