In the literal sense, any woman who will perform sexual favors to acquire the drug cocaine. In a figurative sense, any person who will sacrifice a portion of themselves (I.E. morals, ethics, time, money, or status) to acquire any amount of cocaine.
Coke whores are women who wait around for durations of time to obtain the drug

Coke whores are people who move from party to party to find a source of cocaine, despite their original plans.

Coke whores are any person who will steal for cocaine

Coke whores are any person who will perform a sex act to acquire cocaine
by Ryan Douglas November 8, 2007
A woman who bangs guys so she can snort cocaine. A true slut in every sense of the word.
Drew Barrymore is a coke whore.
by Jan The Man July 2, 2003
a word 14-16 year old “alt and emo” girls call themselves on tiktok when they’ve had no experience with the class a drug cocaine
“i’m the biggest coke whore”
any sane person: no, no you’re not emily shut up
by epicgamermoment_69 July 11, 2021
Dear Ashlee, if you’re reading this i think your stroke ridden look you call a “duck face” looks more like a prolapsed asshole, also I think your cooking taste like a busted Daytona hookers Vagina at the end of shift on Valentine’s Day... we used to throw some big parties and I will always remember the time when I took your half retarded but hot cousin into our room and yodeled her chamber of secrets. I miss those memories like the time your fat mother fell through our deck and I saw it all happen from inside but I quickly tiptoed into the garage and acted shocked when everyone found her. But your couchy look like a box of cow tongues and smelled of moth balls, that being unrelated to your general smell of Marlboro and stale farts. I wish both you and your that iPhone you always have shoved up your cunt while driving you call a boyfriend, the best of luck.
Ashlee the coke whore smokes so many cheap reservation cigarettes that her cunt literally just recited the mesothelioma commercial
by Kreampuff May 23, 2019
1. Someone who regularly partakes in sex with male strangers to further satisfy her drug addiction.
2. Women who act like the above description without actually taking the drugs. This is a more pathetic version. She pretends to be a drug addict to further satisfy her sex addiction.
"Did you see the chicks down at the club on saturday? It was wall to wall coke whores"
by darkabove April 30, 2005
A girl who will fuck anyone for a free bag of coke.
Suzy is such a coke whore..she will fuck anything for a blast!!!! Eww!!!
by #highfatcontentlowselfesteem October 18, 2013
A weather condition that includes snowing and blowing.
And on thursday we will experience a quick moving nor'easter as a coldfront passes through, dumping 1-2" on chicago. Those of you in the western suburbs may experience a coke whore with blowing snow being a strong concern.
by bcstyle January 30, 2014