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A buttwink is when a person flexes their anal sphincter, causing their anus to visibly contract, effectively "winking" with their asshole. Buttwinking can be performed as an obscene gesture, or in a sexual context it can be either a sign of affection or a greeting.

To buttwink, simply use the same muscles used to defecate to flex your anus.

This act should not be confused with mooning (merely exposing your anus) since buttwinking is considerably more rude.
As Sensei Doug walked to his dojo, the rude employees of a strip mall store lowered their drawers, pointed their behinds towards the window, and contracted their assholes to buttwink at the passing martial artist.
by Sensei Doug December 06, 2017
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When your "brown eye" (also known as an anus hole) contracts, which causes a closing effct. Once the anus hole opens once more its ends the completion of the "buttwink".

Buttwinks often occur when pinching off a turd while taking a dump or during sexual intercourse (when climaxing for both sexes).
I had to buttwink to pinch off that turd

Dude!, I was having sex with this hot chick last night and she buttwinked when she orgasmed, thats when I decided to try anal.
by Blackrose86 January 19, 2011
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The little glimpse of a girls butt crack when she is wearing very low rise jeans. This is only the case when she is not wearing panties. Wearing panties makes it a panty wink.
She leaned over the counter and gave me a butt wink.
by Naterz October 05, 2005
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The feeling that occurs immediatly following an extra large shit, when your butthole contracts as a result of the 2x4 that was just pushed through your 0-ring.
Man, you should have seen that turd. My butthole is still winking ;0
by Long-log-man December 21, 2004
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A single shake of the hips and butt, directed towards a possible mate. Indicates interest and potential for ass play. Can also be used as a coy flirtation.
I knew Tiffanie was interested when she gave me a butt wink on the way to the kitchen.
by Team Lunch nap November 02, 2013
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some crappy word from balderdash, for which i cannot remember the correct definition.
define buttwink, please.
by andrea December 19, 2004
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