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Buttism, a tradition focusing on spiritual development and true nature of booty.
Bob is practicing buttism for the first time. Soon, he will find inner peace from experiencing Alexis Texas booty.
by BootyDude69 October 03, 2018
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When a guy is addicted to looking at womens butts
Rohan and Daniel both have buttism they are staring at Lilys ass
by Sexy indian boy December 14, 2016
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A buttism is a statement or expression that just barely misses the mark/point of the conversation and may cause awkward looks or responses from an audience afterwards.
"Brad pitt is such a badass"

"i know right? he makes movies, sleeps with Angelina Jolie-"

"and gets her PREGNANT" (awkward looks)

-(the above pregnancy statement is a buttism)
by candyman/joecool February 04, 2010
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