The cool slang term for an Ensign rank in Socom 2 US Navy Seals. The ensign ranking is represented by one yellow bar and looks like a stick of butter.
Tony Almeda is a life long Butter Stick because he is ranked 570 000+.
by Constantine Voyages January 06, 2004
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Butterstick is a derogatory term used to describe a player in a video game (RTS or FPS). A butterstick is a player who melts under pressure and is easy to go through (provides little to no resistence to their opponents in the game). A butterstick is a gamer who is no longer a newb, but whose skill in the video game has never increased.
1) Phanstern can't stop my attack, he's a butterstick. I'll slice through him, pwn his base, and then start in on the next guy.

2) Any of you buttersticks up for a game?

3) Not sure about popcorn, but there's plenty of buttersticks out tonight.
by Valdarez November 09, 2006
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When your at the movies with a girl adn you buy a big bucket of popcorn, well your girl isnt lookin you poke a hole in the bottom of the bucket, now you unzip and slide your cock in the hole and into teh popcorn now when your girl goes to grab some popcorn she gets a big surprise she didnt expect
the first time she garbbed my cock is when i gave her a butterstick
by Ddizzle July 29, 2004
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An extremely white cock; a penis that is whiter than an untanned ass.
Girl1: Hey, Johnny was frogging me really hard last night!
Girl2: That's gross, his weiner is a butter stick.
by SourPwnage November 11, 2012
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Possibly the cutest panda in the whole world as seen on panda cam, stopping normal working hours and forcing people to live vapidly in the small world of bamboo and naps. Butterstick also goes by the stick and lives in a zoo.
Right now, Butterstick is sleeping. Oooh! He just rolled over.... Now his legs are twitching! Aww... He's a little ball of fur. Awwwwwww....
-Wonkette Dec. 1, 2005
by telmary December 01, 2005
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Someone who can't get enough of eating unhealthy foods so they might as well eat butter; usually a largely obese woman who looks as if they eat whole sticks of butter.
Adizzle: "Wow, look at buttersticks over there!"

Idog: "Omg there's too many fat rolls on her to count...what's her name again?"

Adizzle: "Kaitlin"

Idog: "Pfff more like buttersticks."
by ShutupKevin October 08, 2011
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