2 definitions by ratstalker

A pair of tidy whities, stretched up and over the shoulders, arms coming out where the legs usually go.
Dumbass, wtf with the montana butt floss?!? Are you trying to figure out the ultimate wedgie? Or did you just have a bongload of salvia?
by ratstalker March 29, 2013
Strength of wind as defined by the length of a 90 inch chain welded to a pole. Wind speed is determined by the length of horizontal chain, before it begins to droop down vertically. The stronger the wind, the greater the horizontal length before dangling downwards.
Dang, Elbert! Let's go hot air ballooning today! The wyoming windsock is only stretching out 30 inches! Let's go!
by ratstalker March 29, 2013