Buttcrack is the crevest between your tant and your tailbone that carries your fart up your back, so if you rip ass you don't have to smell shit.
If my Buttcrack was gone I would live a life smelling my shit all day. Buttcrack
by Ppatrick April 30, 2019
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fucking good sex, that cracks your butt, but not psychically
my boi, tyrell, he a buttcracker
by baybee gurl May 30, 2004
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A descriptive adjective to be used if one's appearance or actions either resemble or call to mind the crevice between the cheeks of the ass.
Her smile looked like a buttcrack on it's side. OR... You are being such a buttcrack right now because you won't go out with me.
by Glutius Maximus April 18, 2005
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A person who is very proficient in the art of the deadly fart, it may be silent, it may be noisy, but one always knows for a fact that it will be stinky, it will clear the room, and sicken the occupants with it's ghastly odor, this term was coined by the fact that some of these odoious folk have actually cracked the skin around the butthole by releasing their poisonous gas.
OMG!That Buttcracker left an odor so bad we had to air out the place for three days!!!!!
by highclassbizzitch March 3, 2008
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the crack between your buttcheeks, used in the song Fireman by Lil' Wayne: "i see that u be wearin them jeans that show your buttcrack!"
i see that u be wearin them jeans that show your buttcrack!
by Bonisha Clo April 24, 2006
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a total asshole/ a word that i came up with when i was little bc i couldn't say the real thing.
You buttcracker!!

You're such a buttcracker.
by The BusDriver June 6, 2014
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one who consistently shows his butt crack
I was just leaving the convenience store when I saw a gang of buttcrackers hanging out.
by MichaelMusik January 5, 2013
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