The force of an object (usually a mans penis) into the anus of another person against said persons will.
I was laying on my tummy on my bed when I suddenly felt someone on top of me pulling my tiny lace panties down and tearing them in the process. I tried to scream but the person held my head down into the pillow as they shoved a finger in my tight little, virgin, ass hole.

I screamed into the pillow as the person spat on my ass then shoved their big cock deep inside it.

This was the first of many experiances of Butt Rape
by LaurenTheDirtyMindedBitch November 11, 2012
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Butt sex with someone who actually doesn't want butt sex. Go figure.
At first Bob was being butt raped by the entire prison, but soon turned into butt love.
by Matt September 03, 2003
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1. to defeat utterly
2. to level, as with a blow
3. to destroy
see own

1. a thourough beating
2. complete failure
usually used without an article

Note: Sometimes this word is expanded into "rape/d in the butt" or contracted into "'rape."
If Joe fought Jim, he would get buttraped.

As predicted, Joe experienced buttrape.
by Ryan Dawson January 05, 2005
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To forcefully put your penis into somebody else's ass or anus. An act commonly commited by sexually deprived fudge packers.
I buttraped Mike's mom because she was giving me backtalk.
by opalmind June 13, 2004
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to force anal sex without consent

to stick your dick in the brown eye with brutal force
sally woudn't have anal sex with me so i butt raped her
by saboteur August 11, 2006
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