1. to defeat utterly
2. to level, as with a blow
3. to destroy
see own

1. a thourough beating
2. complete failure
usually used without an article

Note: Sometimes this word is expanded into "rape/d in the butt" or contracted into "'rape."
If Joe fought Jim, he would get buttraped.

As predicted, Joe experienced buttrape.
by Ryan Dawson January 5, 2005
To forcefully put your penis into somebody else's ass or anus. An act commonly commited by sexually deprived fudge packers.
I buttraped Mike's mom because she was giving me backtalk.
by opalmind June 13, 2004
when you put your penis or something into someone's anal cavity without their permission and if you keep thrusting penis or thy object into the anal cavity and they say stop its buttrape but if they don't say stop and thy enjoys it and doesn't make any attempt to stop your dirt actions well then its not buttrape its buttsex
" I saw this girl screaming "STOP" while this maybe mid 30's guy thrust his dick into her ass. I think I just witnessed buttrape."
" I put this cucumber into my friends ass and pulled it in and out and she screamed to stop it so I think this classifies as buttrape."
by CCwatermelonass June 9, 2017
A small town in Texas where it's illegal to ask the name of the town, and all crimes carry the same penalty: butt rape. Buttrape, Texas is a supernatural place that spawns only at night and draws in unwary travelers who are lost in the back-country roads of Texas.
1) Lost Traveler: "Excuse me, sir. I'm lost. Can you tell me the name of this town so I can find it on the map?

Resident: "Son, yer in Buttrape, Texas."

2) Person 1: Wow looks at all those rundown shacks by the side of the road, and what the hell is that karaoke bar doing in the middle of nowhere?"

Person 2: "Oh God! We're in Buttrape, Texas!
by OctopusJones January 8, 2011