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A brown-noser of the lowest level, willing to shove there nose so far up anyone’s ass to get what they want they are willing to dig deep enough to find a treat for just themselves at any cost! A real one alright a Real ass kisser. Also known as the prize at the end of such an ass kissing!
Mr. Who’s his face is a real butt-truffle trying to get that promotion from under me .
by Wordmiser November 28, 2017
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Sticking a thumb up someone's butt and coming away with poo covered hemorrhoid on the tip of thumb.

Hypothetical situation. Drunken thoughts on butt foreplay.
"Freddie was getting real into the backside foreplay but stopped when he got a butt truffle as a parting gift."
by tiffcakes July 10, 2016
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A typical workplace occurrence where one easily identifiable member of staff gets ahead financially and within their career by being the biggest brown nosing, greedy, self serving wet lettuce imaginable which ultimately grinds everyone's gears and leads them to dislike that particular individual for their shocking performance.

The butt truffle candidate will likely have no friends outside the workplace and even be shunned by their family for such hypocrisy.
Mary: what is hugh doing in that secret meeting, it's his 3rd of the day?

John: oh he's in there with the boss being a butt truffle again.
by BanterStock April 21, 2018
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