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1.To be ignored by someone thought to be a friend when in a group situation. The body language mimics that of a surfer turning on a wave. When approached to offer a greeting, they pause their conversation and turn only to turn back toward the group to continue. The individual has literally turned away from you and offered their butt. 2. To be snubbed by someone 3. To be stood up by a friend 4. Not returning someones call intentionally
I was at the party and I saw Jim talking to his work freinds. I tried to join the conversation and he totally butt surfed me. He acted like he didn't even know me.
by Simon sayz November 25, 2013
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Sliding and rubbing your penis on the crack of a very nice ass, but without actually penetrating it. Usually it preceeds anal sex.
"man, Iยดd love to butt-surf her ass"
by hyeronimous April 18, 2007
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