a hair-filled piece of ass lint
Who put this fucking butt spider on my pillow!?
by Tango Golf July 11, 2008
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When you pull a small dingleberry out and you pull out your ass hair with it, making it look like a small spider.
"Dude, I pulled out like two butt spiders today. I need to clean my ass."
by Captain J Whizz July 17, 2013
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A butt spider is what a clenched anus looks like when one tries to keep from shitting his/her pants.
Where's the bathroom, man? I've got a butt spider crawlin' around on my ass, I've got to take a shit so bad.
by Bumblebug August 11, 2006
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shit balls pulled away from the anus as interwoven with anal hairs. resembles spiders, dingle berries with hair pulled away from the ass.
dude, I was pulling butt spiders off my ass.
what a butt spider.
by mark h July 11, 2003
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Another term for an itchy sphincter. Can be caused by remaining "butt particles" i.e. failure to clean properly or by the onset of hemorhoids. May also be caused by sand, dirt, etc. in underwear.
After sitting at the beach for hours, she felt like she had butt spiders making a nest on her bunghole.
by wifflebird April 23, 2008
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A form of diarrhea in which you crap liquid crap containing spiders (living or dead.) of no certain species.

also spelled buttspiders
Tanner: Dude who in this house is crapping spiders!?

Ryan: Yeah, whoever it is, get out! We don't want you giving us Buttspiders!

Nick: Well it's not me! I know I don't have Butt Spiders.
by .Tanner Linares. January 3, 2011
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Refers to a now-infamous email prank about spiders hiding under toilet seats, waiting to bite and kill you.
Beware the "Arachnius gleuteus," or butt spider!
by Seer of Shadows November 13, 2004
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