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Humorous slang reference to any wad of frozen human feces most likely found outside during freezing cold weather in some area in the wilderness where someone took a shit. A play on the name of that tasty ice cream bar we all know and love.
Damn, while we were in the Canadian wilderness, Mark was getting his ass pwned in that awesome snowball fight until he found an Eskimo ass pie while he was down on the ground and splatted Frank in the face with it as Frank moved in to finish Mark off! Man, Mark was such a sick fuck to do that, but at least Frank got what he deserved and was made the laughing stock of the entire camp.

Mark H. Providing UD definitions for a snowy day since February 2004.
by mark h November 3, 2006
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1. Expression of sexual gratification online via cybersex.

2. Masturbation to anything else that happens online and/or that is viewed that is sexually gratifying.
1. I am e-sturbating furiously right now! (message typed as the guy has cybersex with this hot Swedish chick.)

2. Hey hold on! I'm very busy e-sturbating to these lesbo pics of Aria Giovanni at her official site!
by mark h August 25, 2004
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To run over someone with your car.
1. Moments after I was fired from my job and was totally pissed off for it, I saw my boss walk across the parking lot, quickly got into my Mustang, and then car-raped his sorry bitch ass.

2. Fred Durst needs to be car-raped for being a total shitstain in America's rock music scene.

Mark H. Contributing to Urban Dictionary since February 2004.
by mark h October 16, 2004
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(note that the word has a period because for some reason, my previous attempt at submitting this definition did not make it to the UD database)

1.A man who gets along well(romantically and/or sexually) and is pretty smooth and gallant with the ladies.
2.A pimp.
3.A Don Juan. A man who is indiscriminately promiscuous and likes to sleep with and have sex with whoever bitch strikes his fancy.

Synonyms: pimp, playa, Don Juan
1. Austin Powers(the main character by actor Mike Myers).
2. Yesterday, I busted my gat in that casanova's ass for trying to sell my woman!
3. I am a casanova and I can fuck any hot bitch so long as she don't have VDs or ain't monogamous! I see nothing wrong wit dat. *gets struck by lightning*
by mark h September 10, 2004
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Basically a synonym for pimp juice.

1. Anything that makes the ladies want you, such as your looks, your personality, your sex appeal, your smarts, your fame, and your wealth.

2. Semen.(see also cum, spooge, spunk, man juice)
1. Back then when he was a hit with his Livin La Vida Loca song, Ricky Martin sure had a bunch of female fans wanting him over his casanova cocktail.

2. Monica Lewinsky must have really loved eating Bill Clinton's casanova cocktail.
by mark h September 10, 2004
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To go somewhere with your girlfriend,wife,lover,mistress, or prostitute with the intention of having sex with her.


hang out with your wang out

cool out with your tool out
I just met this one very hot girl for my taste at the topless bar and tonight I'm gonna go check her out with my pecker out.
by mark h July 30, 2004
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A mega fag. Not necessarily gay, but someone who is just being a total idiot.
God, he is such a fagger when he gets drunk!
by mark h December 5, 2003
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